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Show Up Powerfully | taught by Cordelia Gaffar

Course description


Replenish Me is a program designed to help people, especially women, lean into their difficult emotions to show up powerfully. It starts with Release- release all that is expected and accepted and lean into you. 

In this first step, see yourself with compassion and nurture yourself in the ways you expect other people to and then all the ways you want to. See yourself and hear your cries and pain.  

Then comes the Restructure. In this step, I give you the tools to create better habits to support your self-compassion journey and lean into the self-forgiveness journey. I am certified in Sports Nutrition and have studied Unani Tibb, a combination of Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and ancient Greek medicine. Here I tune into the healing foods, herbs, movement and sleep habits will support your body type. 

The next step is Refresh. Now that you have a firm self-discipline and have set boundaries for how to treat yourself, we dive into how you allow others to treat you. Here we continue the self-forgiveness journey and start to lean into self-belief. It may be as simple as standing up for how often you eat food that is bad for you or engaging in activities that you hate but go along anyway. It could also be as complex as accepting that "you are _______ (Black, a woman, etc.) and that's the way it is." This step is about enforcing the same boundaries you have with yourself with the outside world. 


The final step is Rebirth. Now it's time to show the world your truth and embody full self-trust. That looks like being rattled by this past week and still showing up to work in full capacity and competence. Not because you are numbing but because you see through the smoke and mirrors that life presents, make time to attend to your solution for it (write emails and make calls to your legislators, attend a protest nearby with people in high vibration, eat well, sleep well, don't engage in excessive social media or create a schedule for when to engage, etc.)

Do you need to Replenish?

As you may know for the past 3 years I have run a free Facebook community and low cost live events to support as many women as possible. This will never change! I will continue to always keep this space, free and valuable full of great community spirit to help as many women as possible.  I've decided to further support my work and to scale our efforts to reach 1 + million women through creating a high value and low cost membership to bring more women into our community.   By joining not only are you becoming part of a high value community, not only will you learn and grow with us but you will also be helping other women to get the access to creating a better quality of life through welcoming their emotions.   

BE PART OF A GLOBAL COMMUNITY OF WOMEN WHO GIVE BACK. Thanks to Eva Arissani! I have been part of her 30 day mindset challenge as a coach. I have volunteered my time to guide and emotionally support and uplift teen moms in South Africa. A portion of your monthly membership will go to support her organization She Phoenix, Femme Phoenix LTD.   So what does the membership include?

Benefits and Features

The new membership  for founding members is $99 per month!  

It is also available annually for only $999! These prices will never increase if you are a founding member.   

You will receive even more benefits that aim to lean into your darkest emotions to show up powerfully!  So to start these are benefits and may be expanded in future:

 • Attend the monthly Replenish Me Meetups event with guest speaker (value $75) 

• Attend the monthly Replenish and Boost Your Immune System 5 Day event (value $50) 

• Webinars and Expert Q&A Member only content 

• Exclusive Membership Area 

• Two Community Hot Seat Coaching Session per month

 • Access to Additional Expert Workshops (Pre Recorded - Coming Fall 2020) 

• Discounts on retreats (online or in person) 

• Optional Listing on the services directory

 • Free entry to future local meet ups (when we can get back up and running)

My aim is to empower 1+ Million women to lean into their darkest emotions and choose love to show up powerfully! In order to scale this community and reach my huge goal I need to fund this and we felt that a very high value membership with a low cost fee would be appropriate.

Why Replenish Me?

This would work for:   

If you are ready to change your life and want to get more support. 

Already love this community, know you need coaching and have a limited budget.  

If you are seeking deeper connection and depth in your relationship with other women.  

You want to be part of a great cause and know that you are also investing in the life and empowerment of other women.   

Cordelia Gaffar
Cordelia Gaffar
Emotions Opener

Cordelia Gaffar is the Powerhouse Global Best Podcast Host of 2019 in the UK and the ACHI magazine Volunteer of the Year and finalist for Top Influencer and Orator of the Year. She is best-selling co-author of America’s Leading Ladies: who positively impact the world with several other dynamic women. So far in 2020, she has hit best seller again with the 1 Habit for Success SmartFem Edition by Lea Woodford and has been selected Ambassador of Peace by INSPAD and Director for the USA chapter. Her own book related to her Replenish Me Process will be released later in 2020.


Cordelia Gaffar is the Emotions Opener Transformation Strategist guiding woman leaders to use their darkest and most difficult emotions to show up powerfully.


After leaving her corporate career as a controller for an IT start-up, she homeschooled her six children which involved coordinating activities in the homeschooling community, running girl scout and boy scout troops and much more. Having already had two miscarriages and postpartum depression juggling a family and high pressure career, she emerged as an author sharing how to self-nurture in The Guide How to Get Started with Workout Around My Day. She began coaching women in her community, deepened her craft with continuing research and study in nutrition, fitness, spiritual practices and overall emotional wellness. She is now also the official sponsor of She Phoenix, Femme Phoenix Ltd in South Africa to advocating for the Girl Child, teenage girls, young women rights to a better education, health & life. SDG1, SDG4, SDG5