Course Description

The main purpose of this course is to help you experience and process your life in a more fulfilling and dynamic way. To feel everything that life presents and allow yourself the permission to slow down your feelings so that the wisdom of what's in your heart shows up powerfully in your actions without judgement. You will see it is about detaching from your default states, allowing love to take over, allowing yourself to love all of you, loving your idiosyncrasies and tirades, knowing where you are viewing a specific situation and feeling the trigger and being brave anyway. Being present with self-forgiveness, self-compassion and self-trust by embodying those qualities with the  empowering energy practice of self-awareness. Recreate your chemistry, physiology, psychology and mentality on a cellular level. Face the real you in all of your splendor!

Emotions Transformation Coach

Cordelia Gaffar

Cordelia Gaffar is the Emotions Opener Transformation Strategist guiding leaders to use their darkest and most difficult emotions to show up powerfully as a courageous leader. 2020 was a year of very difficult conversations surrounding diversity, equity, belonging and inclusion and Ms. Gaffar has been at the forefront of facilitating this conversation on an organizational level. In 2021 along with award-winning Berlin based co-hosts, Mira and Peter Griffiths created the Unlearning Labels Podcast and workshops to help organizations to implement actionable tools and change policies. She is also a force in women’s empowerment and awarded Top National Influencer, a Sexy Brilliant Ambassador and Leader, and inducted into the Global Library of Female Authors. Her new book Detached Love: Transforming Your Heart So That You can Transform Your Mind highlights her Replenish Me ™ Process, which is self-leadership surrounding practicing sustainable mindfulness. Her other awards include Best Podcast Host of 2019, for her Free to Be podcast, Volunteer of the Year and best-selling co-author of America’s Leading Ladies: who positively impact the world with Oprah Winfrey and several dynamic women. Even with all of her accolades her biggest brag is being a homeschooling mom of six children. As seen on America Meditating Radio, British Muslim TV, Spirituality Podcast, also featured on South African radio 786, and Fox News.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course!

    • Welcome to Being Present with Your Power

    • Welcome to Being Present with Your Power!

  • 2

    Earth - Self-compassion and forgiveness

    • Earth - Qi Gong Video

    • Earth - Journal

  • 3

    Metal - Self Preservation and Boundaries

    • Being Present with Your Metal

    • Metal Movements using Qi Gong

  • 4

    Water - Wisdom of Self

  • 5

    Wood - Living Your Truth with Inner Awareness

    • Being Present with Your Wood

    • Inner Talk and Compassion

    • Wood Qi Gong Movements

  • 6

    Fire - Showing Up Powerfully (Living with an Open Heart)

    • Being Present with Your Fire

    • Fire Qi Gong Movements

  • 7

    Zoom Calls

    • Zoom Calls

    • Being Present with Your Power Full Journal

  • 8

    Other Resources

    • Anatomy of a Declaration

    • Sweet Talk Creation Flow

  • 9

    Breathing Exercises and Visualizations

    • Muscle Memory Release

  • 10

    Redefining Wellness

    • Begin with the Definitions

    • Self-Nurturing vs Self- Care (Prioritizing Your Well-Being)